Spring into Summer – rainwater pump replacement and tank service

Gold Coast region – Special Offer

Spring into action and save! 

Rainwater pump replacement – tank clean & service $595

To celebrate Water Tactics move south: special offer for Gold Coast customers.  This includes  areas from Currumbin right up through Pacific Pines, Reedy Creek, Gilston, Ormeau, Coomera, Pimpama, Nerang, Helensvale and other urban areas within the Gold Coast boundaries

Harvest the seasonal rain and save water around the house and garden this summer.

When was the last time you took a good look at your rainwater pump and the condition of your tank water system?  Without regular operation and a little maintenance, your rainwater system may not be providing you with maximum water saving potential.   Your water pump can lose prime, press controllers can fail and seals can wear if the pump sits idle for too long.    

If your rainwater system is in need of a little TLC, we’re here to help and have a special offer to get your rainwater system back on track in time for summer!

Save money and water with this offer to replace your rain water pump and restore your rainwater system ready for the hot, dry days ahead.

Waterpro DJ58 Garden Pump*

Rainwater Tank Cleaning**

Tank Health Check Service

ONLY $595 (inc. GST)

*Installed with 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.  Further info here
** Up to 5000 litre capacity

Tank full of water?  No problem!  We remove sediment and clean your tank with minimal water loss.


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    With a full tank of clean and clear rainwater use it to water the garden, top up the swimming pool, wash the dog and wash the car. Water conservation – pure and simple!

    rainwater to water the garden
    rainwater swimming pool top-up wash dog
    wash car with rainwater

    Spring into summer with rainwater to splash!

    Call 0408 509 228 or email and mention this offer

    before the end of the year to book and save.

    Water Tactics for on-site water pump service, repair or replacement and urban rainwater tank cleaning.

    Located on the Gold Coast, South-East Queensland


    Authorised pump warranty service for selected brands.