Water Filtration

Water Tactics supply and install water filters to improve water tank and mains water quality for household and irrigation use.

Increasingly, we are becoming aware of impurities – both naturally-occurring and introduced – in the water we use every day.

A customised water treatment solution will be designed and may include:

  • Sediment filters
  • Carbon filters
  • Reverse osmosis (RO) filters – can remove fluoride from your drinking water
  • Ultra-violet (UV) water disinfection

Ultra-violet (UV) Disinfection Systems

Ultra-violet refers to a specific set of light wave-lengths which occur naturally in sunlight. It is the UV radiation in sunlight which causes sun burn, but it can also be beneficial to our health.UV disinfection systems use a UV lamp to electronically create ultra-violet radiation which is passed through the water. UV disinfection is a chemical-free, odour-free and taste-free method of destroying harmful bacteria and virus molecules in your water. Various UV system configurations are available. The main considerations relate to the strength of the UV lamp (measured in watts) and the output water flow rate required. Our UV systems are combined with sediment filtration (to physically trap fine particles) and carbon filtration to remove chemical polluntants and odour.

UV disinfection is recommended when drinking tank or bore water and in circumstances where the water may be otherwise ingested, especially by people with compromised immunity. Combined with our regular maintenance and tank cleaning/sanitisation service, we offer a comprehensive approach to maintaining clean, clear, healthy water.

Maintenance of water filtration systems

Water filtration components do need to be replaced periodically – usually every 6-12 months for carbon filter cartridges and every 1-2 years for RO and UV components. Water Tactics can take the worry out of this routine maintenance task by automatically scheduling your water filtration service as required. With our services, you can always be confident in the quality of the water your family is using every day

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