Rainwater to Mains Supply Switching

Having trouble with your rainwater to mains cutover switch?

Davey Rainbank problems?  

Onga Waterswitch problems?

Rainsaver not working?

Looking for a Rainbank alternative to provide electronic water switching?


Solution : ClayTech Rainwater Management Retrofit Kit

Known for quality pump products, ClayTech have put together a package to replace your failed water switch.

Containing the HYDRAULIC Aquasaver, Aquatron pressure controller and fittings, the kit provides all you need for a reliable, automatic rainwater switching system.

It comes with full instructions, so you can DIY, or if you prefer, we can arrange installation.

Call (07) 3324 8774 or email us for a price. Pick up or delivery available.

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    Mains and tank water switching (water source diversion)

    When tank water is connected to internal plumbing devices e.g. toilets, allowance must be made for diversion back to mains water in the case of limited tank water supply or pump failure. This is usually achieved by:

    • Mains water top-up to ensure the tank is never empty (Note: this alone will not handle pump failure)
    • Manual switching between tank and mains water supply
    • Automatic water switching device installed in conjunction with an electronic pump. Examples are the electronic Davey Rainbank and the Claytech hydraulic AquaSaver.

    Automatic water switches will swap the water supply to mains water when the tank water supply is insufficient or in the case of pump failure either due to power outage or pump malfunction. Water switches may be of electronic or hydraulic operation.

    Reverting from mains water to tank water source

    Automatic water switching devices revert from mains to tank water depending on the mechanism involved:

    1. Electronic float device located inside the tank which is set to detect a sufficient water level to enable switch selection of tank water supply.
    2. Automatic controller restart facility which will periodically check for sufficient tank water and result in the water source selector to revert back to tank supply.

    How to tell if you are operating with tank or mains water source

    When an automatic water switch is installed, the householder may not initially realise when the water source has been swapped as the object is to provide a constant uninterrupted water supply. The key is to listen for pump operation. If the pump is not operating but water is being supplied, you will be using mains water. As the objective of rainwater harvesting is to maximise the use of rainwater whenever possible, it is important to note whether the switch to mains water has occurred due to insufficient tank water or due to pump failure.

    Problems with your pump?  What to do if your pump is not working.

    There may be many reasons why your pump is not is not operating.  Here is a quick trouble-shooting check list that you can use to rectify some basic issues:

    Firstly, check the water level in your rainwater tank.
    Your pump will not operate unless there is sufficient water in the tank. Most pumps have an automatic shut-off mechanism to prevent damage to the pump if the water supply is too low.
    Check the electricity supply to the pump.
    Ensure there has been no general power outage in your area. If electricity is on, it may be necessary to check the pump power point with another device to ensure the outlet itself is operational.
    Note any pump warning indicators.
    Some pumps have a display panel which will indicate if there is an operational problem. Check if there are any visible or audible warning signals.  Take a note of any indicators for future reference.
    Reset the pump.
    If your pump has a reset button, press it to re-initiate the pump process.
    Call Water Tactics on 3324 8774 to book a pump service visit.
    If your pump is still not operational after these basic checks, call us on 3324 8774 for further advice or to book a pump service visit.  You should keep a record of the pump purchase date in case of a warranty claim.
    Call Water Tactics on (07) 3324 8774 or contact us about your rainwater to mains supply switching requirements.

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