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rainwater tank supply, installation and replacement tanks 

We are an authorised reseller of quality Kingspan steel rainwater tanks


All the water that will ever be is, right now. (National Geographic)

Every building with a roof of reasonable size and in good condition has the potential to capture a precious natural resource: rainwater.
If every building caught and utilised rainwater – no matter how little – the combined effect would be a dramatic reduction in usage of mains water; with the flow-on effect of the reduction of cost and energy required for water purification and distribution.
Rainwater storage systems are relatively simple to operate as long as you get the right advice at the outset and follow some basic maintenance guidelines.

Water Tactics for rainwater tank installation means making it easy for you to manage your own independent alternative water supply and to conserve  water. An efficient rainwater harvesting system, which has been designed to aesthetically compliment the surrounding environment, should also add value to your property.

In order to help you achieve these goals, we will: 

  • Offer advice that is based on our extensive experience.
  • Consult with you, to identify potential problems up front and design a system to mitigate these.
  • Recommend products and services only from reputable manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Deliver a rainwater harvesting system that is designed to last.
  • Support you with our tank maintenance and tank cleaning services.


  • Assist with replacement of failed rainwater tanks, including removal of the old tank.

Key tank installation service features we provide for our customers:

  • Size & locate the tank in the optimum capacity and position for you.
  • Use pumps we know have a good lifespan and come with genuine warranty.
  • Install components that will minimise maintenance.
  • Comply with plumbing codes and Government requirements.
  • Provide you with a comprehensive quote.
  • Give you a price that is fair and reasonable for the service we provide.
  • Back up our service with a genuine 12-month workmanship warranty.
We can provide or co-ordinate the services for as much (or as little) of the project as you require, including supplying the tank, base construction, pump selection, water outlets, electrical and plumbing contractors.
For quality Australian-made steel tanks, we recommend Kingspan Water. Click here for a link to their handy tank sizing calculator to help you determine your tank dimensions and the capacity of rainwater storage.
Water Tactics is an authorised Kingspan reseller.  Contact us for help with pricing and other questions about your complete rainwater tank system installation.
Call Water Tactics on 0408 509 228 or contact us about your specific rainwater tank installation requirements.