Rainwater tank cleaning

How do you know if a rainwater tank needs cleaning?

You will be the first to know when your tank water needs cleaning. Water discolouration, foul odour or taste are all indications that your tank water is not healthy and requires attention. Preventative maintenance and cleaning of your rainwater system can avoid reaching this unpleasant situation.
During our tank maintenance service we check the sediment/sludge level at the bottom of the tank. We will recommend tank cleaning, if required.

Tank cleaning  is necessary periodically to:

  • avoid sediment being drawn up and damaging the pump
  • prevent sediment tainting and discolouring your water
  • remove bacteria and pollutants which build up over time in the sediment

This image shows sediment being removed from a domestic rainwater tank. In most cases, the sludge can be safely dispersed onto grass or garden beds.
Our method of sediment removal has been developed to ensure only minimal loss of stored rainwater during the tank cleaning process.

The frequency of tank cleaning & de-sludging depends on the individual tank location as many different factors affect the water quality in rainwater tanks. Generally this is every 2-3 years as recommended by the Australian Government Environmental Health Council.

Tank cleaning process

Our comprehensively researched and tested equipment is designed specifically for the urban environment We can access most tanks located in residential properties – even small blocks.  Unless water is heavily contaminated, there is no need to empty the tank.  We offer a tank cleaning service with minimal water loss.


The tank cleaning process typically includes:

  • trouble-shooting to determine the cause of any unusual level of contamination
  • vacuuming sediment from the tank
  • aerating and agitating the water
  • sanitising the water to kill bacteria


Water filtration

If you are using your tank water for drinking*, laundry, internal plumbing connection or irrigation, water filtration may be necessary to improve the water quality and avoid problems associated with tainted water.

*Please note: We do not recommend drinking tank water when a potable supply is available unless it is appropriately filtered to remove potentially harmful contaminants.


Water Tactics help you ensure your tank contains only plentiful clean, fresh rain water.

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