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Rainwater harvesting system maintenance

Why do you need to maintain a rainwater harvesting system?

Un-maintained rainwater storage systems can result in blockages causing back-up and overflow from roof gutters or erosion of the tank site. Rainwater tanks may harbour potentially harmful bacteria, algae and other micro-organisms. The first you may know of this is when you notice smelly water or staining of laundry and internal plumbing fixtures.

Preventative maintenance works to maximise rainwater system efficiency and protects your investment

Blocked overflow outlet pipe will result in the tank overflowing from the top with possible base erosion

Debris on tank inlet strainer prevents water entering the tank, particularly during heavy downpours

Overflow blockage may place undue structural pressure on the tank

Roof catchments must be kept clear in order to maximise rainfall capture and cleanliness

 As with other aspects of your property, your rainwater storage system is a valuable investment and requires regular preventative maintenance to avoid costly rectification work. Making sure that your rainwater storage system components are maintained in good condition will extend the life of the system and help preserve the quality of the water stored in the tank.


Basic Rainwater System Maintenance Program



Check rainwater catchments are clean and free of debris

Empty and clean first-flush diverters and rain heads

Remove, clean and check inlet and outlet/overflow strainers



Service water pump

Replace water filters



Complete system inspection including structural integrity check

Water quality testing

UV filter system lamp replacement



Tank cleaning to remove accumulated sediments/sludge from bottom of tank

For your peace of mind, Water Tactics provides a comprehensive tank and pump preventative maintenance service which we recommend on an annual basis.

As part of the service, we check to ensure your rainwater system is operating at optimum efficiency.


Our water tank maintenance services include

  • Inspection and servicing of rainwater system components – system integrity checking
  • Pump operation test and maintenance
  • Water quality testing and mosquito check/treatment
  • Sediment level sampling – checking if tank cleaning is required
  • Detailed invoice/checklist – so you know exactly what we’ve done & can maintain your own record
  • Comprehensive inspection report and checklist – preferred by our commercial clients

Tank cleaning

Over time, tanks require further attention to address water quality issues. The frequency of tank cleaning and desludging depends on the individual tank location as many different factors affect the water quality in rainwater tanks. Most Government authorities recommend cleaning rainwater tanks at least every 2-3 years.

Mosquitoes / insects

Mosquitoes and midges can enter and breed in rainwater systems when rainwater catchments and tanks are not properly maintained. We can remove and/or treat these pests and advise how to avoid further infestations. Not only do mosquitoes pose a potentially serious health risk, home owners can be fined if mosquitoes are found in stored rainwater.

Water filtration

If you are using your tank water for drinking*, laundry, internal plumbing connection or irrigation, water filtration may be necessary to improve the water quality and avoid problems associated with tainted water.

*Please note: we do not recommend drinking tank water when a potable supply is available unless it is appropriately filtered to remove potentially harmful contaminants.

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