A conversation with a new customer this week highlighted the benefits of engaging a rainwater specialist for your rainwater tank and pump problems. It’s all about water, pumps and plumbing, so calling your usual maintenance plumber to help is a pretty standard approach, right?

While a rainwater storage system does involve plumbing, there’s so much more to ensuring the best possible outcome.  The difference is focus, experience and a wholistic approach to your rainwater system.  At Water Tactics we only deal with rain water and everything to do with rainwater capture, storage and use.  Assuming you already have your water tank installed, the main reason you will seek help is when something goes wrong with the pump.

The Pump

The selection of your tank water pump is crucial to balance performance and cost effectiveness. Water pumps, like so many consumer items these days, vary in the function, quality, life expentancy and of course, cost.  Ensuring the pump chosen is fit for purpose is key to effectiveness.  This means understanding the intended uses – now and in the future – and selecting a pump with correct flow rate and performance within your allocated budget. Due to the volume of tank water pumps we install and service, we are in a position to offer competitive pump pricing. Once the pump selection is made, understanding and following simple instructions in how best to care for and maintain your water pump increases the longevity of the pump and return on your investment in water conservation.

The Experience

Jim has built over 15 years of practical experience and maintained hundreds of rainwater system configurations.  Every one is unique.  Every rainwater installation has its own characteristics and requires a specific maintenance regime in order to keep it operating an maximum efficiency.  Understanding this is key to ensuring your rainwater system provides maximum water conservation efficiency and maximises your return on investment.  Everything from considering your rainwater catchments, potential capacity, tank location, water pump specification, taps, plumbing outlets, water filters and the importantly, the way you want to use your rainwater are all factors in the success of your rainwater system.

The Difference

The difference with engaging a rainwater professional like Jim is that he works with you not only to solve your tank and pump problems but also achieve the best outcome to ensure you can continue to practise rainwater conservation and sustainability for the long term.

Water Tactics are located on the Gold Coast in South-East Queensland and provide rainwater services, tank installation and pump sales and service to areas where this form of water conservation is widely used.  This includes areas around Coomera, Pimpama, Ormeau, Gilston, Reedy Creek, Nerang, Mudgeeraba, Currumbin and urban areas of the Gold Coast.