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A report by the ABC (May 2019) titled “Dengue fever outbreak risk for Brisbane residents from unsealed water tanks” poses a number of concerns regarding the potential for a recurrence of Dengue Fever in Brisbane.

The Aedes aegypti mosquito – the breed which carries the Dengue virus – is generally found in the tropics and cannot survive in cooler climates. But with climate change resulting in increased temperatures and milder Brisbane winters, the concern is that we can no longer take this for granted.

The report indicates that the mosquito may survive the Brisbane winter if able to breed in a large protected water source – such as an unsealed rain water tank.

It goes on to reinforce that the best way to reduce this risk is for all rainwater tank owners to ensure that they are diligent with rain water tank maintenace. The way to keep mosquitoes from breeding in your rain water tank is to ensure catchments are kept clear and the tank is securely screened from both the inlet and outlets.

Another important area to consider is the draining of first flush diverters to ensure stagnant water is not pooling and providing a breeding habitat for mosquitoes.

Check out our rainwater tank maintenance advice and call us if you need water tank repairs or for us to come out and provide a complete rain water tank health check. There is no need to sacrifice your rainwater harvest. Water tank maintenance is the key to reducing the Dengue mosquito risk.