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Some years back now, Davey Water Products teamed up with Tankworks Australia (now Kingspan Water) to develop the EVO Mark Two pump system for rainwater tanks.  The EVO MKII is a compact solution that includes filtration chambers and a submersible pump connected via standpipe to the Rainbank water switch.  This system replaced the EVO MKI – also an in-tank system – from Whites International, comprising of a Rainsaver hydraulic town/tank water switching device, coupled with a DAB Divertron submersible pump.

Professionally installed rainwater systems are low maintenance; but not NO maintenance.

Common maintenance issues or problems you may find with the EVO rainwater pumping systems include

  • blocked filter
  • pulsing water (water hammer) when switched to town water supply
  • town water supply lock out
  • electrical dead short which will cause your Safety Switch to trip your power board.

Having worked for Tankworks for a number of years, and maintaining a close working relationship ever since, Jim Steel of Water Tactics has extensive experience with the EVO systems.  Water Tactics offers EVO water system servicing,  trouble-shooting, spare parts, replacement filters and specialised testing equipment.

We can provide a full assessment of your EVO MK I or MK II system and offer maintenance, repair and replacement services.  Ask Jim about a range of of alternative solutions for your rainwater capture, storage and water pumping requirements.