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Rainwater matters. Our business & our philosophy.


Water Tactics for rainwater services & practical advice.

Your one-stop for complete rainwater harvesting.


Rainwater tank supply, installation, cleaning & maintenance.

Water pump sales, service & repairs. Pump warranty service. Water filtration.

“Some people walk in the rain…others just get wet.” (Roger Miller 1936-1992)

Water Tactics is…


Water Tactics is a family-owned business operated by Jim Steel in Brisbane, Queensland.


Established in 2005, Water Tactics is a passionate advocate of rainwater use, helping people to operate and maintain rainwater harvesting systems to contribute towards water conservation and sustainable living.

Rainwater matters :


  • tank sales and  installation

  • water pump repairs

  • rainwater tank cleaning

  • water pump sales and service

  • water filtration

  • efficient RWS design

  • trouble-shooting & maintenance

Evolution of Rainwater

The latest in the Evolution series of rainwater pumping systems EVO MKII provides a neat and compact in-tank pump system to control rainwater transfer and mains-to-tank water switching.

Water Tactics has extensive experience with maintenance, repair and replacement of EVO systems. More…

Rainwater harvesting is an ancient method of water conservation practised in practically every country on Earth.

The concept is simple, but the successful capture and reuse of rainwater, particularly in urban environments, does take some planning, monitoring and maintenance.

At Water Tactics, our aim is to help you install and maintain a practical and efficient rainwater harvesting system to suit your needs. Below you will find some of our most common requests for information.

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I want to install a tank.
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How do I care for my tank?
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What’s wrong with my pump?
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My rainwater is dirty/smelly.

Water Tactics

Professional Rainwater Harvesting Services

Pump Repairs – Practical Advice

Water Tactics is based in Brisbane,
servicing the South-East Queensland area


Member RHAA – Rainharvesting Association of Australia


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