After 17 years, Water Tactics is moving on…

We thank our loyal customers and water conservationists.


“Some people walk in the rain…others just get wet.” (Roger Miller 1936-1992)

To assist you with ongoing rainwater matters, we recommend these specialists


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Tank sales & maintenance: Kingspan Water

Tank installations: Gardeners Water Tanks

Water filtration: Aqua Services


Water Tactics is…

Water Tactics is a family-owned business operated by Jim Steel on the Gold Coast, South-East Queensland.

Established in 2005, Water Tactics is a passionate advocate of rainwater use, assisting the Community to operate and maintain rainwater harvesting systems to contribute towards water conservation and sustainable living.

Rainwater matters :

  • tank sales and  installation

  • water pump repairs

  • rainwater tank cleaning

  • water pump sales and service

  • water filtration

  • efficient RWS design

  • trouble-shooting & maintenance

Rainwater Matters on the Gold Coast

Rainwater harvesting is booming in the Gold Coast Hinterland, new estates around Pacific Pines, Reedy Creek, Gilston, Ormeau and Coomera and Currumbin Ecovillage.

We have made the move south to join and support the great water conservation sustainability initiatives being made in this amazing area of South-East Queensland.

Rainwater harvesting is an ancient method of water conservation practised in practically every country on Earth.

The concept is simple, but the successful capture and reuse of rainwater, particularly in urban environments, does take some planning, monitoring and maintenance.

At Water Tactics, our aim is to help you install and maintain a practical and efficient rainwater harvesting system to suit your needs. Below you will find some of our most common requests for information.

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I want to install a tank.
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How do I care for my tank?
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What’s wrong with my pump?
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My rainwater is dirty/smelly.